Wengie Fitness Motivation Hacks Recap

Wengie gives viewers 20 hacks to help with health and fitness motivation. Her first hack is to do exercise while you watch Netflix. Even if it’s just stretches you are being active and not eating snacks out of boredom. Second, Wengie suggests listening to audiobooks while you exercise. It distracts your mind so you exercise longer and you can learn new things in the meantime.


Incorporate activity into your daily routine like taking the stairs, strapping weights to your hair dryer, or walking instead of driving. Make a workout playlist that is as long as you want to run for so you do not have to keep checking your time. Replace an unhealthy food you eat daily with a healthier alternative. Place your water bottle on top of your phone to remind you to stay hydrated throughout the day. Blot the oil off greasy foods like pizza to reduce your calorie intake.


Create a vision board for the year for different areas of your life like your family, career, and travel goals. Take a shower to wake you up and help you organize your thoughts to get motivated for the day. Keep a “clutter box” in each room to collect your random stuff, then put things back in their proper places at the end of the week. Turn all your clothes hangers one direction; when you wear something, turn the hanger the other way. At the end of the season, donate anything you haven’t worn.


Create a DIY jewelry stand to hold items you wear every day. Make your own recipe card set, then choose which meals you will make for the whole week and hang them up with clothespins in your kitchen. Use a pants hanger to keep a cookbook open to the right page, then hang it on the wall with a hook. Set your cutting board in an open drawer if you are out of counter space. Put foil and cling wrap in a magazine holder to keep your pantry organized.


Replace one bad habit a month with a good habit. De-stress by meditating or coloring. Give someone a 20-second hug.