Venezuela on the Brink

As reported by CBC News in a recent article, Venezuela is in the middle of an energy crisis that threatens the overall stability of the country unlike any other recent phenomenon. At the root of the energy crisis in Venezuela is a massive drought, which has decimated the country’s water supply to dangerously low levels. Venezuela depends on powering up most of the country through the resources on one massive dam, the Guri reservoir. Because the country has been experiencing a drought like it has never seen before, the water levels simply cannot support the country’s energy needs right now.
In response to the water and power shortage in Venezuela, the government has been taking drastic measures over recent months to ration energy usage throughout the country. This has included reducing the official work week in Venezuela to two days in an effort to conserve water and power. Venezuelan citizens like David Osio who work in the public sector have been hit hardest by these rationing measures and are suffering economically while the government of Venezuela continues to cut back.

In response, crime rates have skyrocketed.  It is unknown whether the Venezuelan currency can recover from this massive blow and whether the country will be able to survive.

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