Using the Securus Technologies Phone System to Locate Fugitives

Locating fugitives is a very challenging job, and each year the process seems to get more difficult as these suspects have developed a number of ways to stay under the radar. With the presence of gangs growing in our region, those affiliated with gangs can use the help of those members to keep them away from the long arm of the law.


Before the gangs became so prevalent in this region, we used to be able to rely on informants to give us quality leads to locate fugitives. Today, if you are even suspected talking to the police, the gangs will hunt down every member of your family and make them suffer. That added pressure falls on me and my staff, having to locate these fugitive using other resources in a timely manner before more innocent lives are threatened.


To help with our efforts to locate these dangerous fugitives, we discovered by accident another way to pinpoint their exact location and bring these suspects back to jail. On a recent trip to the jail, one of my colleagues told me that the team at Securus Technologies installed a new inmate call system that was bearing more fruit than they originally thought could happen. I decided to take a quick listen and discovered this could be something we could use in our efforts to bring dangerous fugitives back to where they belong.


We put the Securus Technologies phone system to the test and we had a hit almost immediately. Those gang members in the jail who were openly talking about our fugitive must have thought we weren’t listening, and the system was able to alert us to conversations about his location and who was supporting him while he hid from us. Our team was in position within hours and we toke him down with zero incident.