US Money Reserve Recognized for its Creative Work

The US Money Reserve was recently awarded four awards during the 2016 Videographer Awards. The firm received the awards by virtue of its creative and productive work. It won two excellence awards in Creativity (TV)/ Cinematography, and TV/Commercials/Product.

The Reserve’s aptly named infomercial “Testimonial Show”, also won further awards. It depicts testimonials from loyal customers of the US Money Reserve. These include gold trader Richard Petty, who is also a famed NASCAR driver.

According to Glassdoor, Projects that are penned, produced, shot, and modified in a unique manner are often awarded the Award of Excellence. It was not surprising when the US Money Reserve walked away with two of these awards. The company also had an honorable mention besides winning an Award of Distinction. Its CEO, Angie Koch lauded efforts that the Reserve has put in place to ensure that high quality services and products are availed to its customers.

She further added that the firm has a highly talented marketing, production and media teams, which are always willing to bring the heart of its business to life through such shows and commercials.

Judges were drawn from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP). They often nominate individuals and firms whose talent is proven, and exceeds the prescribed excellence standards. Their work must similarly serve as a point of reference for other players in the industry.

The recently-held awards received more than 1500 entries from all over the world. Just recently, the US Money Reserve was a bronze award recipient at the 37th edition of the annual Telly Awards.

About the U.S. Money Reserve

Founded in 2001, the Reserve has distinguished itself as a leading private distributor of gold, platinum and silver products issued by the US government. The firm serves more than 100,000 clients throughout the US. The firm was founded with the sole purpose of safeguarding its client’s financial future. It helps them expand their assets by supplying them with precious metals, more so silver and gold coins.

The company relies on the expertise of a highly trained precious metals team. These specialists have the experience and capability of identifying products that are of high value, thus have the highest potential for profit. The US Money Reserve has partnered with renowned mining and smelting firms to ensure that its clients have access to high-value gold.

This enables it to provide exceptional customer service. Innovative strategies have been laid to expand the Reserve’s customer base. This has seen it gain a footprint throughout the US. For more information, visit the company website.