US Money Reserve Has Client-Connect Advantage As Part Of New Website

The US Money Reserve’s website underwent a renovation this last year in which they brought more visual features and graphical enhancements to the product displays. The demand for gold and silver has been growing and US Money Reserve has been on center stage when its come to investing in the precious metals market.

They hosted the 2016 Gold Summit television event to discuss the future of gold, and the website renovation is another milestone for the company. An important feature of this website renovation has been the addition of Client-Connect Advantage, a chat app that allows US Money Reserve’s customer service reps to assist customers with purchases or returns. The reps are available for questions 24/7.

US Money Reserve has information on when and why you should invest in precious metals. The US national debt has had many economists concerned about a possible currency crash and negative interest rates coming to local banks.

President Trump’s election and unknown policy plans have also had some speculating about global conflicts and stock market downturns that have had gold and silver prices ticking up in the NYSE. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

No matter what the economic situation is, having gold and silver investments can protect your assets from the worst economic scenarios. These precious metals cannot be affected by central bank or government policies and the demand for them always exists.

Philip N. Diehl is the President of US Money Reserve, and he was a great fit for this company due to his solid customer service at the US Mint. He was appointed US Mint Director by former President Bill Clinton and he worked hard to turn the Mint into a profitable agency in the billions of dollars that were returned to US taxpayers.

One way he was able to do this was through having an ecommerce website with live support available at the Mint. The mint also provided information to customers about rare coins.

Diehl has brought this same experience to the US Money Reserve and has sought to make gold and silver concepts easy for middle class investors to understand. IRA transfers are possible through the steps provided in the free gold information kit, and your gold and silver assets can be resold when the markets are stabilized.

There are also risks that come with buying precious metals and US Money Reserve’s experts can help you understand if purchasing them is your best option.