Tidying Up With Handy

Handy is a professional household service business. The company began its operation in 2012 with Oisio Hanrahan who is also the Chief Executive Officer, Umang Dua who hold the title of Chief Operating Officer, Ignacio Leonhardt, and Weina Scott. In 2014, the company was such a success that they were averaging $1 million in bookings weekly. Handy’s employees are all trusted professional and provides their expert services globally. Handy’s App has made it real easy anyone to download, and use. It’s booking process only takes about sixty seconds.

Their customers don’t have to worry about using their credit cards to make a payment because Handy has a very secure system in place. Also, if a customer is not satisfied with the level of service, they can request a refund. Their skilled workers usually make about $15 to $22 an hour. They are also allowed to choose the days and time they are available to work. Making it very convenient for them. But, before becoming an employee at Handy one must go through a stringent background check. The owners of the company want to make sure that anyone who works for them is trustworthy.

Headquartered in Chelsea, Handy.com provides more than cleaning services. They have handymen, plumbers, painters, furniture assembly workers and so much more. They now have about one hundred and twenty-five employees. Quotations correspond with the type of services client need also has to do with the area. In San Francisco, the fees are slightly higher. Prices are also higher for work that require a plumber, electrician and others who have the training to performs certain tasks. Each booked job must be at least two hours.

The tips that Handy accept for its workers must correspond with their fees. If a client or worker reschedule without ample notice, a penalty is applied. There is also a penalty for any no-show or incomplete jobs. With more people getting very comfortable with at home service, Handy is expected to clean up in this business.