The Success Story of Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello is among the richest men in the United States yet from a humble background. The man is not known by many, but he is in charge of a very wealthy industry. Anthony holds the CEO position of Nabors Industries a company involved in natural gas and oil drilling. Petrello is known for his hard work and determination by his associates, and he believes in enjoying the fruits of his labor. Humility is another virtue that sets Petrello apart from other leaders, by treating his employees and clients with respect and consideration. The virtue makes him more successful in what he does, and he gets to earn other peoples respect. Nabors Industries has also created many job opportunities for people in the society a way of giving back to the community.

Anthony Petrello did not come from a wealthy family meaning he had to work hard for everything in life. The achievements he has acquired in his life had to be earned as nothing was ever given to him for free. Anthony Petrello grew up in place called Newark, an area with a high culture where people have honor and ethics especially when it comes to working. The integrity was instilled in him while he was still young. With such a childhood he was able to learn how to acquire and deal with success. Anthony later learned how to read at such an early age and even mastered different mathematical problems. Such ability made him great with mathematics while he was still young. Anthony would study day and night for he knew his education would bring a bright future for him and his parents as well.

Anthony went to a public school where he worked extra hard to learn more about logic and mathematics. Petrello’s hard work led him to a great school where he did his Ph.D., level in linear algebra and calculus. He excelled in school and was recognized by Yale University. Yale gave him a full scholarship with the best chance to make a better life. The parents were thrilled and delighted to hear that their son would be joining Yale, and were very proud of their child’s success. Throughout life, Petrello was among the best in everything he did, and this made him likable. Petrello became a mathematical scholar, and he later continued on his path at Harvard Law School. A new step in Anthony’s life was when he changed his passion for mathematics to the human sciences. Later in life, he joined Nabors Industries where at one point in life he was the most paid CEO. Anthony remains humble even with success. It is of the essence to learn and establish that one can start from little backgrounds to having almost everything in life.

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