The Honey Birdette Experience

Honey Birdette is a lingerie brand that is experiencing dramatic growth. Since its creation in 2006 over 50 stores have been created in Austraila and the UK as well as a large online clientele through their website. As they continue to grow, the goal is to spread to the United States as well as other parts of Europe. In 2018 there is talks of 40 stores being created in the UK. This level of growth is unheard of and it begs the question: What is so great about Honey Birdette?

Created by Eloise Monaghan, Honey Birdette started off as a conversation between friends who couldn’t find the level of provocative lingerie they lusted after. With the desire for this lingerie, Honey Birdette was created. The line of products cover all areas of a sensual bedroom experience. Their lingerie can range from simple lace to their more extreme S&M collection. All of their products are designed with the hopes of making the bedroom not only more sensual but an overall better experience for the woman.

Empowering women is very important to Honey Birdette. This importance is shown in the creation of the products to the people they hire in the store to interact with the customers. Honeys, or workers, are people who add an element of fun to the Honey Birdette experience. If you were to walk into a store you would expect five-star treatment. From champagne to plush furniture, Honey Birdette is all about the experience.

The experience of Honey Birdette is what people notice most about the brand. Unlike other places where sales people are cold and uninviting, shopping at Honey Birdette is an empowering experience. Hopefully, this experience will be open to more people as the brand continues to grow.