The Healthcare Connoisseur; Rick Shinto

Dr. Shinto is currently the CEO and President of InnovaCare Health after being appointed in 2012. Before this, he was the CEO of Aventa Inc. where he was crowned the Ernst Entrepreneur of the year award. He is well known as a resound and competent individual in the healthcare sector. Dr. Shinto started out small as a pulmonologist before advancing to the senior management level. He has made a great impact in the healthcare industry through his career path over time. Shinto’s fame in the healthcare industry is widely spread and as such it is important to understand his journey before scaling these greater heights. Shinto has made tremendous moves both in his academic attributes and professions in the field of medicine.

Dr. Shinto is acknowledged to have excelled well in his academic journey as he got his bachelors degree in Medicine at the University of California and his Medical degree from the University of New York. He later on got his MBA from the University of Redlands. Shinto then got to be employed as an intern in Southern California and began his career path in the healthcare sector. He has been appointed to various firms in the healthcare sector leading to his current position. Admirably, wherever Shinto went, he managed to secure the top-most positions in the management of the organizations. He served as the Chief Medical Officer at Medical Pathways Management Company. He was also the CEO of Aventa Inc. before being appointed as the CEO and President of InnovaCare.

Shinto has managed to make InnovaCare one of the best healthcare facilities through his leadership roles. This has enabled the organization to turn back more profits and also offer satisfactory services to their customers. He greatly emphasizes in good relationships between individuals in the organization for better delivery of services. Shinto also ensures that there is good communication with his employees as he understands that communication is a key attribute towards a successful organization. He insists on professionalism, accountability and transparency in work so as to ensure there is quality service delivery. He has written various articles addressing maters of healthcare and clinical services as well. Years of service in the medical sector are some of the fundamental drivers that have helped Shinto offer the best of his services. His vast knowledge, honest desire and business acumen have helped him improve and offer affordable healthcare services to average individuals thus seeing to it that InnovaCare continues to prosper.