The Cunning Business Mind of Don Ressler

Don Ressler has become one of the most respected entrepreneurs in the tech world. He is known for repeatedly launching exciting sites that tend to make a lot of money in a very short period of time. Launching a startup is not an easy thing to do. However, Don has the ability to make it look easy. There are many people who have studied Don’s career in an attempt to discover the secret to his success on LinkedIn. However, Don has said that you will not be able to be successful by copying him. He believes that his success comes from something that is impossible to quantify.

One of the greatest successes in Don’s career is the site called Dermstore. The site sells products that are related to cosmetics and skincare. Don has said that he chose these industries because he saw great earning potential in both of them. He also had spent some time looking at some of the other sites that sell these products. Studying the competition made him realize that the time was perfect to get involved in cosmetics and skincare because there was not any stiff competition. Don Ressler believed that he could design a site that could acquire a large share of the market very quickly. He turned out to be correct.

Many of the biggest venture capital companies reached out to Don after the success of Dermstore. They wanted to invest money in his next website. He decided that he wanted to attempt to conquer an entirely different industry. A friend suggested that he try his hand as designing a site that sells clothing. Don thought is was a great idea. Ressler used the money from the venture capitalists to create a startup called JustFab. The site attracted several million people during its first year. However, the site really became profitable when Don decided to start selling shoes and clothing for kids.

Don got the idea for his next startup when he was walking in the park near his home. Ressler noticed that many of the people were joggers who were wearing various types of athletic clothing. It was at that moment that Don realized athletic clothing was a huge industry that he should attempt to tap into. Don would get the financing from investors to launch Fabletics. This site was the athletic clothing version of JustFab. It also attracted a huge amount of consumers and became yet another success for Don Ressler.