Securus Technologies and Their Modern Techniques Used To Prevent Crime

Securus Technologies is a well-known communications company that provides links between inmates and their families. Securus currently provides services to over 1.2 million inmates and over 3,600 correctional facilities, law enforcement agencies, and safety organizations all across North America.


It is a proven fact that when inmates have regular contact while incarcerated with family members, their rehabilitation rates are increased when they are released. Securus provides phone, email and video conferencing communications for these purposes. Various payment arrangements are set up by direct billing, collect calls, and inmate payment programs.


The video arrangements are especially popular because family members can see how their loved ones are doing without having to travel to the facility. This helps immensely when the distance between the home of the family and the correctional institutes is a good distance away.


As can be imagined however, anytime such a robust communications connection is present the possibility of using it for criminal purposes is available too. Such activities as running drugs and alcohol into the prisons, using the system to plan and plot crimes, extortion, threats, and any other illicit criminal usage is a possibility.


To counter this Securus has instituted various technological means to help prevent and thwart criminal activity. This is done to protect inmates, their families and employees of the institutions. A voice recognition system is embedded into all of the communications functions. For example if a plan to commit a crime is being plotted from inside the prison is instituted from the inside to accomplices on the outside, it can be foiled with the information gathered from the phone system.


There have been many convictions by using the evidence gleaned from the voice recognition capabilities of the system. These electronically documented statements have held up in court.


Many crimes are prevented too because when people know that there are probably being recorded, they figure that the effort is not worth the trouble.