Prison Officials Praise Securus Technologies

The company known as Securus Technologies has received heaps of praise from prison officials and other members of law enforcement in recent days. The company asked those in this industry to answer some questions about how certain technologies have helped them do their jobs. The response from this campaign was enormous and enormously positive.


Law enforcement officials wrote in to say that they were pleased with what they could do with the technologies. One of the responses that Securus received said that the officer was able to call the company and ask a question in the middle of an investigation about something called the covert alert feature. He was able to get an answer from the company right away and it helped the department to solve the case and move on to the next one.


There was another response in which the official stated that listening into a call between two siblings helped solve an issue. One of the siblings was coaching the other on what to say when asked questions about a recent shooting. It was unfortunate that they were trying to work their way around the system like this, but unfortunately that is exactly what was about to happen. The call monitoring technology made it possible to solve this issue and move on.


Some officers went so far as to say that the technologies that they use help keep them alive. There are dangerous situations that arise in the prisons every day, and the officers have to be ready to respond no matter what. Therefore, it is great for them to put up as many useful technologies as they possibly can.


Considering all of this, it is now obvious that Securus Technologies is a huge and important player in the law enforcement world and that they are building the technologies to help make that world a better place.