Paul Mampilly’s Newsletter Seeks To Educate Readers On Investing

Erica Smith recently wrote an article published in the Gazette called “Paul Mampilly Shares His Investment Success Secrets with his 60,000 Newsletter Subscribers”. The article discusses Profits Unlimited, a newsletter in the investment industry that Mampilly writes. It recently hit the benchmark of 60,000 subscribers who gain insight from Mampilly into leading investments. Each newsletter focuses on a particular investment where he explains the reasons he believes it is a great company to invest in over the course of several pages.

The newsletter is read by both experienced investors and amateurs. Mampilly has documented successes with investing in stocks like Netflix and Sarepta. In 2009, he won an investment competition held by Templeton Foundation. In it, he invested $50 million which grew to $88 million.

The 75% gain garnered much notice, not just because of the huge success but also because it 2008 was one of the most difficult parts of the recession.

The newsletter itself is incredibly detailed and useful. His writing style provides simple but detailed information that even a new investor may comprehend. After only a year of publishing, Profits Unlimited has grown to one of the most helpful investment letters.

Each week, Mampilly chooses several stocks from the recommended portfolio to highlight in his weekly update. Mampilly created the newsletter in order to provide in depth information for his readers so they can learn how to invest.

He also provides a monthly briefing and trade alerts to tell the investors when they need to trade. He includes instructions and detailed reasoning for the actions.

Paul Mampilly is a hedge fund manager from India. After moving to the states when he was very young, he began to pursue a financial career. He started at Duetsche Bank in 1991 and later helped the Royal Bank of Scotland manage their accounts.

He received his BBA from Montclair State University where he studied finance and accounting. There he was also the Finance Club Assignment Editor and the Treasurer of the Montclarion Newspaper. He studied finance at the Fordham Gabelli School of business and received his MBA. From the beginning of his career he helped both the large and small investors, those with millions of dollars to invest and those who were just beginning. He also worked for the $6 billion-dollar company of the Kinetics International fund.

After investing in companies like Sarepta Therapeutics and Netflix, Mampilly founded the company Capuchin Consulting to help investors understand what companies to invest in and when to sell so they may gain a substantial profit.