OSI Group’s Undisputable Niche in the Food Industry

The OSI Group is one of the most iconic organizations that play an indispensable role in the global food industry. This assertion is premised on the fact that OSI Group proffers a wide variety of diverse foodstuff to its customers ranging from vegetables, sauces, chicken, beef, pizza and sandwiches. Having been founded in 1909, OSI Group has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois and is headed by Sheldon Lavin as its Chief Executive Officer cum Chairman and David McDonald as its President.

One of the very salient aspects that have kept OSI Group afloat in the raging waves of the food industry for over a century is their consistency and passion for delivering exquisite quality foodstuff and services. The organization has soared great heights of success over the years with a significant and expeditious expansion along the global scale thus making it one of the most renowned food service producers in the world. ReporterExpertendeavoured to shed some light on their remarkable success via a report that was published on their website.

To begin with, the report delves into the tremendous expansion that OSI group has made in the global market by highlighting various territories and jurisdictions in which the organization has made its impact. Among the regions in which OSI Group has set up base include Japan, where they opened the Orange Bay Foods (OBF) in 2010. In 2012, they also opened the Madanapalle facility and Vista Processed Foods in India which processes frozen vegetables. The Company has also made significant strides in Europe with facilities in countries such as Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Finland and Sweden.

Another noteworthy aspect that was highlighted was the fact that OSI Group has put in place environmental friendly operations that have since enabled them to be certified by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) for the same; as a matter of fact, virtually all of its facilities have been certified in this regard.

The OSI Group’s exceptional growth, development and expansion show incredible possibilities and probabilities of increasing over the subsequent years. The company has made a series of countless acquisitions traversing several nations such as Germany and The Philippines. Consequently, it is only judicious to acknowledge and appreciate the great niche occupied by OSI Group in the modern food industry.

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