National Title Clearing’s Online Report Ordering Now Accessible

Nationwide Title Clearing, a Florida-based company that provides post-closing services to top-caliber lenders and residential land owners, reshaped its website in order to fulfill the request of the clients to make property assessments available as soon as they order them online. This was the action taken by the firm to help their customers prevent having defective titles which could later lead to irreversible loss of property and/or rocky transferring of real estate from one proprietor to another.

Title defects has constantly been a huge problem for many years, as the authorities often refuse to authenticate easily the residential titles that had a previous owner. Apart from that, the files that lacked of even a single signature from all the individuals involved in the agreement, had words that were not appropriate or have been typed erroneously for a specific document, did not show that the title was deprived of inconveniences, or followed the correct recording process in a disastrous manner are more prone to being nullified.

The new online ordering system that the Nationwide Title Clearing had added to their services, on the other hand, would allow the clients to access all the essential data that they would need prior to the turnover of a property. To be concise, the files that could be retrieved virtually include Tax Status Report, Tax Status (Plus) Report, Current Owner Report, Ownership & Encumbrance Report, and Assignment Verification Report.

The CEO of the company, John Hillman, said that allowing people to secure such important details via an efficient and swift procedure was the Nationwide Title Clearing’s objective. He also conferred that the reports coming from the firm were all reliable because the information had been mechanically and personally obtained by the professional researches employed in the company from various property records and other resources. In addition, they assess the situation of each client so as to make sure that all of the documents they request for would truly be required to win the case over. This technique paved the way for their success as one of the most trusted post-closing aid providers within the United States.

About National Title Clearing
The firmed was initially established in California in 1991, yet its headquarters had been moved to Palm Harbor, Florida 10 years later. National Title Clearing continued its expansion for more than a decade, and they already have 450 employees and a brand-new office in Dallas, Texas at this point. The latter houses the company’s information center that is meant to avoid glitches with their high quality of work even during unfavorable circumstances. With over 3,600 filling jurisdictions satisfied by the National Title Clearing in every state, they continue to service homeowners and the financial industry.

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