Nathaniel Ru co- founder of an amazing restaurant Sweetgreen

While attending the Georgetown University in Washington, Nathaniel Ru and some of his friend could not find someone that they would eat something healthy. No place offered the healthy food option that was fun and easy at the same time.

They wondered if the solution to their problem lay on the M street that was in the middle of the downtown area. Six years later it did because they started an eatery place in the M street.

One coincidence that was there is that the landlord of the M street was the same person that owned the building that Ru and his friends lived. Nathaniel called the landlord explaining the plans they had, but the landlord hangs up on him. They had the business plan that was three pages long at that time. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

The landlord must have seen something in the three young men and told them that they should get a business backer, an architect and they should come back to him when they had a real plan. It only took them three weeks to come up with the backers and the architect.

That’s when the landlord decided to give the three boys a chance. That’s what lead to the opening of Sweetgreen that was more than just a place to buy food it offered many options of salads.

Nathaniel Ru is the founder and CEO of the Sweetgreen. The main reason that Ru was part of the Sweetgreen is so that they will be able to offer the people with high-end salad and food that were healthier that resonated with the people. Nathaniel looks upon the owner of the Under Armour Kevin Plank.

Nathaniel Ru believes that the first thing to help the company’s growth is they have a team that is ready to work, and this is one of the best management strategies that he has. He says that while in DC the best restaurant that he likes is the little Serow which is managed by Johnny Monis.

The reason why he likes that place is that they sell amazing Northern Thai cuisine and the service that they offer is the best. According to his belief having the two in a restaurant will help in the growth of the business. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | Dynamic Dialogues and Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork

In 2007, that why Nathaniel Ru graduated from the University of Georgetown with a BS in finance together with his business partners and close friends also from the same university.