Life Line Screening’s Efforts Towards Preventive Healthcare

Life Line Screening is dedicated to championing for preventive healthcare. Towards this end, the organization not only carries out preventive tests but also offering advice and tips on how to prevent various diseases. The organization advises men to reduce chronic stress through various practices such as meditation, socialization and taking food supplements. They are also advised to regularly monitor their blood pressure, vitamin D levels and thyroid and prostate glands and noting down any other medical symptoms and reporting them to the doctor during appointments. Using supplements can also improve thyroid gland functions. Men should also regularly test and modulate their testosterone levels too. Monitoring these vital glands will help in determining their functioning and taking the necessary natural foods and supplements to improve their functioning. By constantly monitoring their diabetes symptoms, men will be able to detect and tackle conditions such as insulin resistance. Finally, Life Line Screening believes that by regularly monitoring and evaluating their cholesterol levels, men will be able to detect any deficiencies and correct them.

Towards Proactive Disease Prevention

For over two decades, Life Line Screening has been on the forefront of championing for preventive healthcare. Since its founding in 1993 as a privately-held company, the organization has grown tremendously to become the leading preventive healthcare organization in the United States. Headquartered in Independence, Ohio, Life Line Screening has tested millions of adults for several diseases. It success in the United States has encouraged it to spread its wings overseas with operations in Australia and the United Kingdom.

With the help of highly qualified physicians, healthcare professionals and high-end and innovative technologies, Life Line Screening has specialized in several medical conditions including stroke and cardiovascular conditions through various screening and testing methods. Their services are very affordable and are offered at the community level annually. Their clients enjoy the convenience of accessing services in their localities including places community centers and workplaces.