Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund To Help Everyone

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have a passion for helping all those whose rights are violated. These men work hard on it. They have been doing so for a long time now. They are trying to help those who are unable to fight for their own civil rights as well as human rights.

They were trying to do so as reporters earlier. This clearly indicates that they have always been passionate about it. Now they are doing the same but with different opportunities that they have access to right now.

These two reporters were arrested for what they were writing about the local sheriff and his office. They wrote about the illegal things being done by his office. These reporters were picked up from their houses in the middle of the night.

This was when Michael and Larkin decided to sue the state for violating the First Amendment. They won the case and won a huge amount as settlement. But this also marked an end to their profession as journalists.

Both of them decided to use this settlement money for setting up the Frontera Fund. This is meant to protect the rights of migrants. Besides, this money is being used to help other organizations that are trying to protect the civil rights of migrants in this country.

This way Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are ensuring that people who come to this country have all the means that they require in order to live here comfortably.

Now, the Frontera Fund is not only helping people through monetary contributions. It has several other support options available for those people who have issues regarding human rights violations.

These two reporters had to go through a lot after Sheriff Joe arrested them from their homes. Hence they would not like others to go through the same.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are responsible for establishing Village Voice Media in 1970. This was an alternative newspaper that was published weekly in Phoenix, Arizona. This can also be considered as the beginning of extraordinary Independent Journalism.

They created New Times and provided journalism coverage of Vietnam War. They also reported about the decision of President Richard Nixon in 1970 to expand this war by launching an invasion of Cambodia.

The paper reported about the shooting of four students that took place at Kent State University. This led to demonstrations and strikes across college campuses throughout the nation.

By 2001, this company had 13 newspapers that were being circulated in all the major cities in the United States. The Group acquired the Village Voice group in 2006. Then the company changed its name to Village Voice Media Holdings. Now it had over 17 weekly newspapers.

This Group has always been known for its independent journalism. It is always willing to take on those topics which are typically being sidelined by mainstream publishers for being controversial or some other similar reason. In addition, these newspapers wrote about local arts, culture, rock music restaurant criticism and so on.

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