Join FreedomPop With No Contract And No Problems

Anyone who’s ever purchased a cell phone service plan that turned out to be less than what they expected is not alone. No one likes a bait and switch, but many wireless carriers are switching up their rates as well as their service plans after they get a customer drawn in. Unfortunately, some people sign a contract, which means they are stuck with that wireless carrier until the contract is up or until they are willing to pay an extreme amount of money to get out of that contract. A FreedomPop review demonstrates that it’s a great company that anyone can join with absolutely no contract.

Having a wireless carrier that doesn’t require a contract is always a great thing because circumstances change all the time. People move from one area to another, the need for a cell phone or the service may change, and additional services may be needed for a cell phone. Since things change all the time, it’s good to know that a customer can simply buy cell phone service from FreedomPop month-to-month, without the worry about getting penalized for leaving a contract. There are several service plans to choose from that FreedomPop offers, and all the plans are low in cost.

Starting with the free service plan that FreedomPop offers, the plan comes with text messages, talk time, and data is also included. Although the free plan does have its limits, it’s still a great plan for those who are looking to save money when they use cell phone service. Those who want to join the paid plan will only pay a small fee each month to get additional talk time and text messages, and data is also included with this plan as well. Many feel the need for an unlimited cell phone plan, that’s why they get the unlimited cell phone service plan from FreedomPop.

With the unlimited plan, making phone calls, sending text messages, and using data is all very easy and unlimited. The data is what many people worry about because a lot of wireless carriers will limit their data. With 1 GB of 4G LTE data included in the plan, those that deplete the 4G LTE data can still enjoy high speeds that go up to 3G speeds. Since the 3G speeds are unlimited, the user will always be able to stream videos, search around the Internet, navigate their phone’s GPS, and download applications.

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