Jason Hope: The Arizona Futurist Who Wants You To Live Forever

Our future looks bleak: with half the water in the U.S. poisoned by lead, cancer affecting more and more young adults, rising global temperatures, and a nation of internet trolls obsessed with Pepe and Harambe memes, things are depressing, to say the least. So, obviously, any futurist alive today probably wants to throw in the towel. Well, not so fast. There’s one from Arizona who remains optimistic.

The man of the hour is Jason Hope, an American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and technology CEO whose ideas about the future may just brighten your cloudy afternoon. Jason believes that connectivity using the “Internet of Things” will be the catalyst that pushes mankind into a brighter future.

The entrepreneur has a Bachelor’s degree in finance from Arizona State University, as well as a Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. His passion for technology and improving people’s lives has made him a household name among tech-savvy individuals. Although, it’s his work in philanthropy that will inspire you.

Philanthropy has become a huge focus for him in recent years. He gives it credit for his success, along with his ability to overcome failure by keeping his eyes on the future of medicine and technology. He never forgets the big picture.

Jason sees a world where people live forever, and every disease is as curable as a common headache. He’s partnered with the SENS Foundation where he works to prevent age-related disease. He helped fund the AGE-breaker research laboratory for the SENS Foundation in 2013. He also created a grant program aimed at providing start-up money for innovators in high school and college who want to become the next professionals in the industry.

A true maverick, Jason Hope won’t give up fighting the status quo. He believes the best strategy for improving the current state of medicine is to challenge the way we treat disease. To cure diseases like Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and lung cancer, he suggests we leap over the hurdles of traditional medicine. Instead of focusing solely on curing disease, it’s important to him that we understand the root causes of illness. The work he’s done with the SENS foundation has been to prevent diseases before they happen.

Jason’s work with SENS, along with Dr. Aubrey De Gray, the research foundation’s Chief Science Officer, have been some of the most satisfying moments of his career and life.

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