Forty Million Bottles Sold And Counting; Experience The WEN Hair Way

Do you suffer from hair that breaks off, doesn’t look shiny anymore, is flat or maybe can’t hold a style?

You are not alone because most of us usually encounter one or more of these hair challenges. Hair expert Chaz Dean has a very intelligent theory and one that he has based his hair care line on. According to the popular Hollywood star stylist, the problems lay in the hair care products we purchase, namely our shampoos.

It’s just shampoo, isn’t it?

No, says the CEO and founder of WEN. Chaz Dean posted on Facebook that he believes it’s the way shampoos are quickly formulated these days, where strong chemicals and detergents find their way into our hair care products. This sulfate family of ingredients is the culprit and also the reason we see lots of lather in regular shampoos.

Sulfates evenutally weaken the hair from root to end, and they also steal the natural oils present in our tresses. WEN’s unique cleansing conditioners work from a botanical-based variety of hair fortifiers. You don’t need the lather; that is why WEN is the pioneer of the no lather shampoo. Wen hair care products are available on Sephora and online stores such as eBay and Amazon. blogger Emily McClure decided to try WEN By Chaz for seven days, hopng it would transform her own stringy, dull-looking, unmanageable locks.

Emily chose the Fig cleansing conditioner for extra body and moisture. She discovered that WEN is fabulous when she washed her hair with it every morning. For her, WEN requires a bit of work. In other words, WEN isn’t for lazy women, Emily claims. As long as she used Wen hair, blow dry her locks and added styling with her favorite heated tools, she could achieve that exceptional, full, Hollywood hair.

Emily gives WEN thumbs up and would try the brand again if she could roll out of bed on time.