Doe Deere: The Face of Female Entrepreneurship

Doe Deere, the face and founder of Lime Crime, can be called one of the front runners of female entrepreneurship. Starting her beauty company of everything neon and rainbows, she explains that it wasn’t always her original dream. Her unconventional beginnings led her down the path to starting one of the most successful makeup brands and she has enjoyed every step it has taken to get there.

Originally from Russia, Doe began her childhood dream of becoming a musician in New York City. From the appreciation of fans to the marketing and the constant brand promotion, Doe picked up a lot of her business savvy from her music career. The years she spent in New York were full of a lot of growing up and making lifelong relationships that would eventually land her where she is today: a cosmetics giant. One of those relationships to flourish was with one of her bandmates who would eventually become both her business partner and her husband.

Doe originally started creating her products back in 2008, when she couldn’t find bright colors to reflect her personality. When other women and girls saw what she had to offer, her business started to grow and expand. What really set her apart from other companies was her genuine care for her customers and fans. She wanted to give them more than just makeup, but inspiration to follow their own dreams whatever they may be. Between her uniquely packaged, high-quality products and her positive, powerful social media presences, it is no wonder why she has garnered such a cult following.

A glamorous girl with big dreams, Doe is a perfect female role model to follow. She has always expressed the importance of expressing oneself through makeup and fashion and more importantly to do so freely without judgement. The message behind her brand is important and much needed for everyone. Her vegan, cruelty-free products are a direct reflection of who she is; bright, shiny, colorful, and magical. She has created such a big brand with her vision and it only gains more appeal as she continues to innovate and inspire.

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