When we look at diplomats who have brought change and developments to their countries through their international connections, Daniel Taub the former Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom is one of them. He has managed to increase the trade between the two countries as well as improve the education and cultural relationship in the four years since he took office.

In nineteen sixty-two Daniel Taub was born In Great Britain, he attended a few schools notably the London University College, the University of Oxford as well as Harvard University’s Kennedy School. However, in nineteen eighty-nine Taub relocated to Israel and since then he has dedicated his life to serving Israel.

Daniel Taub Joined the Israeli Defense Forces where he serves as a combat medic additionally, in the countries International law division he served as a reserve officer. He had vast knowledge in the International law which provided him with the skills he needed to better Israel’s international relations with the United Kingdom. Learn more about Daniel Taub: https://soundcloud.com/danieltaub and http://www.parashadiplomatit.com/

Daniel’s loyalty to his country did not waver, he began his work with the Israeli Foreign Ministry in nineteen ninety-one and thereafter went on to hold several diplomatic and legal positions. His most important work came in two thousand and eleven when he became the Israeli to the U.K’s Ambassador and left office in two thousand and fifteen.

During his time as Ambassador the biggest student union in Britain adopted a boycott of Israel, Taub was worried that tensions would rise at the campuses thereby asked the administrators to ensure that every opinion whether for or against Israel were to be expressed in the absence of intimidation and fear. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

Despite Daniel Taub upbringing in Britain, he retained his Jewish Orthodox practices and beliefs. He clearly stated this with what he wore, a neatly tailored suit and on his head was his Kippah. This was a firm indication that he was born in Britain and one of the most brilliant diplomats in the country, however, none of this could change what he believed in and it was evident to everyone who knew him.

Daniel Taub is not only a religious man but a great public speaker who has continuously stressed the importance of good trade and technology relationship with other countries.

Daniel Taub has left a legacy that has never been witnessed before by any other Israeli ambassador. He was greatly loved by the Jewish community for advocating for their rights.