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Considerations to make when renting your house on Airbnb with Richard Dwayne

In these modern times, Airbnb offers house owners the opportunity to rent their houses to travelers. In return, the homeowners get to earn some extra cash. However, recent incidences have shown that unexpected problems may arise when hosting travelers in your house. For instance, the travelers are causing damages to the properties within the renter’s house, damage that the insurance company refuses to cover. In the long run, the owner is left with a huge financial burden.

Therefore, before renting out your house on Airbnb, there are issues that you should consider. These issues consist of risks, insurance coverage as well as protection. Since time immemorial, risks arise whenever you take guests into your house. For instance, the homeowner is responsible for the damages or injuries that the tenants encounter. Also, if they damage the neighbor’s property, the homeowner is responsible for this damages. Other risks that come handy with having tenants is that the homeowner is responsible if the tenants are involved in illegal activities such as theft. In the end, the tenants may refuse to pay for the services offered.

Concerning the insurance coverage, an issue arises whenever you have tenants in your house. Many short term rentals are not taken care of by many insurance policies. This means that the homeowner is responsible for the guests’ well-being. Finally, Airbnb only offers secondary coverage. This means that the company will help you when you have used your resources completely.

After carefully analyzing the above three issues, you can go ahead and decide if you still want to have guests in your house. In this case, you can speak with competent insurance professionals as well as investment managers. A good example of such professional is Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions Inc. He can help you look into your options and advise you based on your situation. Bryan is the sole owner of Wealth Solutions, a company based in Austin Texas. Richard Blair has over 22 years of experience dealing with securities.

Blair’s company specializes in financial planning as well as advisor services. The company also offers information on funds. Blair has expertise in areas such as integrated financial planning as well as estate tax and planning. He also has experience in asset protection as well as employee benefits and finally on insurance. Blair has assets over $55 million under his care and management. Blair is a registered and qualified estate and trust specialist. Richard Blair is a qualified investment advisor and finally a qualified retirement income professional.


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According To Igor Cornelsen, The Attraction Of ETFs Are Mind blowing

The success of ETFs (Exchange-Traded Fund) worldwide has now far exceeded the belief it was just a fad. According to banking and investment expert, Igor Cornelsen of the Bainbridge Group, “Since the mid-2000s, their appeal has grown among investors. In fact, they invariably take market share from traditional mutual funds because of the many benefits like access to multiple markets, transparency and reduced course fees, and then, they have no minimum ceiling or entrance fees.” ETFs have undoubtedly become a great way to get your feet wet and enter the stock market on because of their intrinsic diversity.

Why Trade ETFs

It is very easy to buy or sell these funds, either through an online broker or that of a financial adviser. Moreover, a wide class of investors have access to instant diversification, at low cost and in a multitude of asset classes, even exotic investments. “These funds were instantly popular but what really sparked interest was the fact ETFs do not have entry or exit fees, and because of the reduced client support there are diminished management fees,” says Igor Cornelsen.

Beware, however: like stocks, ETFs are subject to brokerage fees on the purchase and sale. “By selling and buying ETFs way too often, you could end up accumulating many expenses that will begin to dilute your intentions,” warns Igor Cornelsen. ETFs have become an good alternative for those with little to no funds to invest, yet who have time to manage a small portfolio. “But even small-time investors need to think strategy,” and “start with low-risk assets,” says Cornelsen.

Igor Cornelsen Starts With An End In Mind

Brazilian banker, and pseudo-retired, Igor Cornelsen is one of the most influential pacesetters in investment banking on, and as millions retire, or plan to retire, Cornelsen is still advising them on a simple approach. “A lot of people get hung up on the size of their purse strings which typically derails any retirement plans,” and “My expertise simplifies ways to multiply a dollar into five,” says Cornelsen. Despite lack of wealth, his philosophy is to become financially independent, even in small amounts.

The strategic savvy banker provided the know-how when Brazil needed to expand their banking industry and attract capital. Igor Cornelsen has been involved in a range of initiatives aimed at Brazil’s economic development , elevating him to business legend. After a Brazilian banking career that spanned decades, Igor Cornelsen retired to the United States, in South Florida, only to leave his daily love of golfing for a new business venture. He founded Bainbridge Investment Group, and with shrewd diversification he helps create streams of wealth while curbing exposure to high-risk investments.