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Party Planning the Lauren Conrad Way

Lauren Conrad may be the millennials’ Martha Stewart. Well known for her two fashion collections and her eight New York Times best sellers, not to mention her ten million fans on social media, Lauren is now ready to be known for something else – planning you a fun, relaxing, low-stress party.

Lauren says “I always try to make sure that the party I’m putting together isn’t perfect. Anything that looks too put-together is too fussy for me. If it feels fussy, then people might not be comfortable. A successful party is about comfort and making people feel welcome.” She also advises you to remember that throwing a party is about having fun, celebrating, and making sure your guests enjoy each other’s company.

Twenty Three Layers is Lauren Conrad’s new, NYC based full-service event planning and design firm. It has recently been featured in RedBook Magazine, Color Me Pretty, Color Me Pretty Living, Elle Decor, and New York the Cut. Twenty three layers can handle anything from a classy, traditional corporate function to a whimsical, magical, glamorous wedding or personal party. The company’s creativity, soaring vision, attention to detail and constant pursuit of perfection is sure to make you a customer for life.

Twenty-Three Layers lives up to its name, in the sense that it has everything you need for every layer of your event. It offers photography, in-house custom printing, and even in-house production services. If you’re a business client, Twenty Three Layers can help you with branding, or enroll you in one of their workshops.

Twenty Three Layers boasts relationships with many exclusive establishments and popular vendors. Best of all, planning an event with Twenty Three Layers is a worry-free experience. They will handle the food, decor, entertainment, and even select a perfect venue if the client so desires. Their visions are inspired. Each celebration will be a unique, one-of-a-kind event. Their successful parties and excellent customer service have made them the premier event planning company in New York City.

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Teddy Is Having His First Birthday

Teddy is one lucky one year old. His mom is Jessica Boskoff, an event planner in New York, and her company is Twenty Three Layers. His farm themed first birthday party was a fun country frolic complete with a big red barn cake set on a grassy green layer on a black and white Holstein patterned base.

Red and green checked patterns topped the delicious gingham cupcakes. Natural colored fruit baskets made wonderful serving pieces. The dessert table featured individual fruit pies, apples in many forms, farm animal cake pops and cider to drink. Child sized bright red chairs were pulled up to gingham covered table. The table runner was a bright green strip of synthetic grass, topped with fruit baskets lined with gingham and filled with beautiful apples.

Event planning involves more than invitations, cake and ice cream. Hire an event planning company like Twenty Three Layers to ensure all the details of a celebration are covered creatively. An event planner will work with the clients making the guest list, and selecting a unique theme for any occasion and planning the decor as well as the menu. Hire an event planner to assist in birthday celebrations, weddings, anniversaries and all the important moments of life. Count on Twenty Three Layers to set the atmosphere by providing formal or fantasy settings to make a day or evening shine.

Twenty Three Layers is famous for corporate events, charity affairs and personal celebrations. They have business partnerships with the most sought after vendors and venues in NYC and beyond. When Twenty Three Layers plans an event celebrants can look forward to a stress-free, creative and fun. Although based in New York City, Twenty Three Layers is known and sought after all over the country and worldwide. Services provided include but are not limited to entertainment, design, and photography of any event.

Teddy and friends enjoyed the planning skills of Twenty Three Layers. The guests his mom invited were treated to a creative feast for the eyes and the palate. At one year old, Teddy may not remember the day, but the pictures are the proof. All planning was courtesy of Twenty Three Layers.

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Party Planner Tells All

While visiting in Houston, Texas, DeJuan Stroud will be sure to bring a little color to your day with his inspiring floral arrangements. Stroud has exquisite clients to boot, including the likes of Michael Bloomberg, Donald Trump and Jon Bon Jovi. Stroud’s accomplishment’s do not stop there, he has just released the much talked about book, “Designing Life’s Celebrations.”

While DeJuan Stroud hails from Alabama, New York has become a home away from home for him. Stroud’s priceless tips for a party going off without a hitch include, an enticing setting and leaving your guests awed and amazed. Comfort is also key, Stroud shares, so your guests can relax at the party.

Stroud shares his enthusiasm in working with legendary greats from Aretha Franklin, to Donald Trump. Stroud points out how mesmerized he was by Aretha Franklin and her powerful voice, sharing that she was seeming signing to him.

When in New York and seeking to have an event of your own, consider Twenty Three Layers. Twenty Three Layers is a premier event planning and design company based in New York City. Not only does this design firm provide exquisite service which includes a unique personal touch, but Twenty Three Layers embody all of the coveted techniques that DeJuan Stroud endorses.

Twenty Three Layers was founded by Jessica Boskoff who has more than ten years’ experience in event planning. Boskoff is backed by Sarah Freedman, who has an impressive six years’ experience in the industry. Jessica and Sarah pair style with elegance to keep things fresh at Twenty Thee Layers. Clients for Sarah and Jessica include, Spotify, Donna Karen New York, Tequila Patron and other renowned companies. Furthermore, Twenty Three Layers have a proven track record. Fresh inspiration and Stroud’s proven tips wrapped into one gives Twenty Three Layers the perfect concoction of success for your next event.

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