Billionaire George Soros Wants The Left To Recoup After Loss

The Hedge Fund King
Billionaire George Soros has lived an amazing life. Coming of age during the Holocaust he witnessed some of the most horrific tragedies happen to his own family. As an adult he managed to rise above this and succeed in the world of hedge fund management. In fact with a fortune of around $25 billion dollars George Soros is arguably the world’s most successful hedge fund manager. This title alone isn’t enough for all of his ambitions. He also wants to give back to the world through political contributions. In particular Soros wants to serve as the champion of the left.

The Season For Giving
The fall of 2016 gave the world the 2016 presidential elections of the United States of America. With Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump going head on donors contributed massively to both sides. With a donation of $8 million George Soros served as a bellwether for the left. Other donors soon piled on cash to give Clinton $1.5 billion in campaign funds. This made Hillary Clinton’s bid for the White House the largest of any candidate in American history. Trump on the other hand received far less money and ultimately spent less as well.

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An Unexpected Defeat
The results of the Nov. 8 election shocked just about everyone. Most had predicted that Hillary Clinton would beat Donald Trump but he was able to eek out an electoral victory. The news came as a major disappointment for George Soros who put his full weight into supporting Hillary Clinton’s campaign. For now the left is seeking out ways to protect the progressive legacy and eventually find a way to restore power to left. To achieve this Soros is turning to an old alliance he struck more than a decade ago.

Thinking Ahead
With Republicans holding onto Congress and Trump likely choosing a conservative to replace the vacancy left by the passing of Anthony Scalia, it appears as if the left is going to rethink its current strategy. The Democratic Alliance, a group for progressive donors founded by George Soros, is central to this thought process. After the success of the Trump’s strategy Soros is setting his eyes on ways to counter Trump’s agenda. Focusing on the first 100 days he wants to take things one step at a time. There is much to think about and much to change for Soros at the time.

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