Becoming Successful With Your Own Business Is Easy With Flavio

Flavio Maluf is well aware of the struggles that it takes to form your own business. Far too often, it seems that people are under the strange impression that to start your own business means that you simply don’t have to work as hard, or for as many hours, compared to working for someone else. According to, they also seem to believe that more money comes to them from the exertion of less effort; that somehow, running your own business is an easy task and that it is the surest path to take to becoming rich. But this is not the actual way that running your own business ends up being.

For the majority of people, to begin your own business means that you are doing a great deal of the work yourself. This is because often, in the beginning, you cannot afford to hire people to work for you, and if you could, you would have to spend time training them to do the work the way that you need it to be done. Instead, what commonly happens is that new business owners end up being on the job all the time. They must work many more hours than a normal person does, when working for someone else’s business enterprise. Taking vacations is not realistic for new business owners at

Having no financial aid to begin your new business is also a very difficult wall to climb over. However, if your business has an original service, unique products, or otherwise can stand out among the competition, then there are a great many investors who are willing to invest in such a project on Many wealth investors are always on the lookout for the next interesting product to invest in; if you can find them and get their attention they can become partners with your venture.

Falvio Maluf is the brains behind Eucatex and GrandFood corporation. Flavio Maluf created numerous divisions of this company in Brazil, that distribute their products to a wide variety of countries. He is also a talented mechanical engineer and created the foundation “Armando Alvares Penteado.”