As George Soros Achieve Milestone, It Equally Attract Foes

It is a clear revelation that it’s not everyone who is happy about the activities of George Soros‘ Open Society Foundation. A recent article by Forbes reveal that Russia were against the notion of ‘open society’ citing the activities of Open Society Foundation as a threat to its national security. There are even people trying to plan undercover investigations to expose their hypothetically illegal activities that OSF is involved in.

On 20th of March, Raw Story reported such an incident where the James O’Keefe was busted trying to infiltrate the organization. According to Raw Story, O’Keefe wanted to implement an operation to sabotage the organization by using a representative, Geraghty to get through into the organization. His plan involved creating a social media page like for instance LinkedIn bearing the name of ‘Geraghty’ in order to dig deeper into the embarrassing activities of the organization.
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He also thought of implanting an undercover agent to explore into the illegal activities of the organization, taking secret video of such felonies executed by the executives, employees or any other stakeholder especially those associated with political endorsements and campaigns funding.

About Open Society Foundation

Formerly referred to as Open Society Institute, OSF is a network of people, foundations, charities and projects in more than 100 countries. The foundation as detailed in Wikipedia is involved in a number of activities including offering education sponsorships, eliminating communism and advocating for capitalism, ensuring that governments across the world maintain transparency and accountability, protection of human rights, and ensuring truth for everyone.

Open Society Foundation has had numerous enemies especially countries where governments are authoritarian, like for instance Russia. In its activities, OSF targets a group of regional initiatives like for instance the Open Society Initiative for Western Africa and the Open Society Initiative for the Southern Africa.

OSF has it’s headquarter office in NY. Since its establishment, the society has offered $11 billion in expenditures in form of charity, sponsorships for education and other progressive activities, politics, movements among others.

Today, OSF is majorly involved bringing accountability and transparency to the natural resources industries particularly those making secret payoffs to local autocrats, a scenario that for more than a decade has resulted into some of the world’s worst scandalous violence. To achieve such, the organization supports other independent organizations including Institute of New Economic Thinking, Global Witness, European Council on Foreign Relation and the International Crisis Group.

George Soros is the chairman of OSF and Soros Fund Management.  After earning his Degree from the London School of Economics, he fled to the United States, accumulated a lot of wealth via venturing into international investment fund after which George Soros founded SFM.

George Soros is also a best-selling author with a couple of books such as ‘The Tragedy of European Union’ which he composed in 2004. He has written a couple other articles on finance, economics, society and politics published in major magazines and newspaper in United States.

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  1. The organization’s name was inspired by the book ‘The Open Society and Its Enemies’ written by Karl Popper. He was a refugee in his birth country Hungary before fleeing to England following World War II. It might prove so impossible for to get over what they don’t know which might not be so interesting after to all of them and in the past has been doing very great.

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