Andy Wirth to Rescue North Shore Communities

Communities around Lake Tahoe and Olympic Valley are two of the most popular Winter sports destinations in North America. Since the last few decades, these destinations have gained international reputation as one of the premier skiing areas in the world. However, unknown to thousands of visitors is the fact that local businesses and residents of the area suffered significantly due to the ongoing drought that did not bring enough snow that made numerous skiing events possible. As almost all local businesses and communities in the area depend on outside visitors to sustain their income, the drought took a heavy toll on business and financial affairs of the Valley on RGJ. If this wasn’t enough, the legal battle to incorporate Olympic Valley was another distraction. Local businesses were also unsure regarding the impact of such incorporation efforts.

Fortunately, the early Winter storm has also brought good luck. While local businesses are booming and visitors have returned in record numbers, the battle over Olympic Valley incorporation is finally over. The decision to maintain the existing status of Olympic Valley is a huge success for Andy Wirth, CEO of the famous Squaw Valley Holdings LLC, and his supporters. According to Andy Wirth, the incorporation of Olympic Valley would not do justice to the local community who will not be able to take advantage of basic necessities such as road cleaning and snow plowing. For outsiders, these necessities may seem less important, but these are the life-blood of local businesses. Andy was also critical of his opponents because he believes that any incorporation effort will likely put business in the hands of private parties who will isolate the community. Without incorporation, residents of North Shore communities are able to pool and share resources.

Perhaps, the legal win would not be possible without the efforts of Andy Wirth. As a local who spends considerable time in overseeing large development projects in the area, he is a household name in Tahoe and adjoining communities. Despite the fact that Andy has a business interest in the community, it is also well-known that his family has a long track record of helping local charities and non-profits. In fact, the legal battle was led by Andy who also funded it with thousands of dollars to stop the incorporation.

The improved weather conditions and upcoming development plans of Squaw Valley Holdings LLC to build numerous commercial and residential units will also help bring old memories to life. There is even a plan to build a massive Gondola that will connect Squaw Valley with Alpine Meadows, helping to improve coordination among the two communities. Accordingly, Andy Wirth claimed that he wants to solve transportation issues of the entire area, which would help North Shore communities to work in a cohesive manner.

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