Adam Milstein’s Career Leading to Ascendant Capital

Adam Milstein was born and raised in Israel before he decided to make the move to the United States in order to pursue higher education and a career path. Milstein would end up moving to California where he would attend USC. While at USC, Milstein would acquire his MBA and immediately jump onto the fast track to success as an entrepreneur and innovator within the real estate field. Now, twenty years later, Milstein is the leader of Hager Pacific Properties which is one of the more successful real estate investment firms in the state of California. As an entrepreneur, Milstein has found success thanks to a variety of different actions on his part. Let’s take a moment to learn about this path.

As an immigrant from Israel, Milstein came to the United States with a wealth of experience that most people wouldn’t recognize at a glance. Milstein had served in the IDF and he had graduated from Technion back in 1978. So, after graduating from USC Milstein was surprised to see that many companies were not willing to offer him pay commensurate with his actual life’s experience and knowledge. Milstein admits that he was getting salary offers that were half as much as his contemporaries from America. So, it was a no brainer for Milstein to turn toward creating his own company and thus creating his own opportunities. To know more about him click here.

Adam Milstein decided to chase his career in real estate by starting as a broker for commercial properties. Milstein found success here and after just three short years he turned to becoming a full on real estate. It was at this time that Adam Milstein turned Hager Pacific Property into a reality. Despite his relatively quick path to success, there was still plenty of work done in order to get there. Milstein says, “In real estate, there are plenty of exciting ups and downs.” Despite this, Milstein adds that he always likes to push his work until his goals become a reality. Milstein knows that words aren’t everything and that you also have to look for opportunity. That is why Milstein advises, “If someone else can’t do it, you should do it yourself.”.