A Closer look at Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is a well known and very successful real-estate investor. Adam Milstein is of Israeli as well as American decent. Currently, Milstein is an Executive Managing Partner of an organization called Hager Pacific Properties. In addition, almost two decades ago he started the Milstein Family Foundation.

Mr. Milstein has a great deal of responsibility as an Managing Partner of Hager Pacific. He is responsible for all financial based decisions as well as contract negotiation and the company’s internal accounting system. Adam Milstein has a take charge attitude and he enjoys a challenge. Hager Pacific specializes in rehabilitation of industrial and multi unit type dwellings.

*Educational Background/ Licenses/Certifications:

Adam Milstein graduated from the University of Southern California. He received his Masters Degree in Business Administration from USC. He had obtained his undergraduate degree in Business Management from Technion. Within a year after graduating with his Bachelors Degree, Milstein decided he wanted to become a Commercial Real-Estate Agent/Broker. Therefore, after obtaining his license to sell real-estate Mr. Milstein began working as a Commercial Broker. While selling real-estate Milstein was enrolled at USC in the Masters Program.

Adam Milstein worked within the Commercial Real-Estate business for over 15 years before becoming Managing Partner at Hager Pacific. He was quite successful as a real-estate broker/agent. However, Milstein felt he wanted to explore other career opportunities.

In the early 1970’s Milstein served in the Israeli Defense Forces. While serving in the Defense Forces Milstein had a great deal of interaction with the Egyptian Third Army. He learned a great deal about the Third Army and did not agree with much of what the army stood for. By mid 1980, Milstein and his family permanently settled in the United States.

The Milstein Family Foundation has helped many of those of the Jewish faith become educated and learn about their Jewish family roots. The Family Foundation has helped numerous individuals receive a quality education. In addition, the organization has helped thousands of Jews reunite with family members that they had not seen for decades. The Milstein Family Foundation has impacted so very many lives in a positive manner.

Milstein is a success in so very many ways. He is a hard working and honorable man who believes in the importance of giving back to the community. Milstein plans on devoting more time to organizing speaking engagements in various parts of the country in 2018.