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Teddy Is Having His First Birthday

Teddy is one lucky one year old. His mom is Jessica Boskoff, an event planner in New York, and her company is Twenty Three Layers. His farm themed first birthday party was a fun country frolic complete with a big red barn cake set on a grassy green layer on a black and white Holstein patterned base.

Red and green checked patterns topped the delicious gingham cupcakes. Natural colored fruit baskets made wonderful serving pieces. The dessert table featured individual fruit pies, apples in many forms, farm animal cake pops and cider to drink. Child sized bright red chairs were pulled up to gingham covered table. The table runner was a bright green strip of synthetic grass, topped with fruit baskets lined with gingham and filled with beautiful apples.

Event planning involves more than invitations, cake and ice cream. Hire an event planning company like Twenty Three Layers to ensure all the details of a celebration are covered creatively. An event planner will work with the clients making the guest list, and selecting a unique theme for any occasion and planning the decor as well as the menu. Hire an event planner to assist in birthday celebrations, weddings, anniversaries and all the important moments of life. Count on Twenty Three Layers to set the atmosphere by providing formal or fantasy settings to make a day or evening shine.

Twenty Three Layers is famous for corporate events, charity affairs and personal celebrations. They have business partnerships with the most sought after vendors and venues in NYC and beyond. When Twenty Three Layers plans an event celebrants can look forward to a stress-free, creative and fun. Although based in New York City, Twenty Three Layers is known and sought after all over the country and worldwide. Services provided include but are not limited to entertainment, design, and photography of any event.

Teddy and friends enjoyed the planning skills of Twenty Three Layers. The guests his mom invited were treated to a creative feast for the eyes and the palate. At one year old, Teddy may not remember the day, but the pictures are the proof. All planning was courtesy of Twenty Three Layers.

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U.S Money Reserve Introduces It’s New Website

The US Money Reserve has just released a brand new e-commerce website (CB19 has more info) focusing on high-quality, rare, and unique gold and silver coin. Looking forward to the future, they hope the new website will attract a new generation of gold buyers into the precious metal market.

Many new features have been added and the design of the website has been changed dramatically. The United States Money Reserve is one of the largest distributors of precious metal coins issued by the United States government. Founded by veterans of the gold market, it has made quite a name for itself over the years. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

Working with everyday persons, they allow anyone to physically possess highly valuable bullion as an investment. Unlike many companies that offer stock certificates that are subject to the highly volatile stock market, gold and silver coins offer stable investment.

The U.S Money Reserve has a knack for attracting the best talent available. Currently, it is head by Philip N. Diehl, the former head of the United States Mint. Even today Diehl continues to make headlines for his insight and wisdom in the business of the U.S currency.

For example, he has advocated the United States stop producing pennies because each penny cost 1.8 cents to produce making it’s production little more than a waste of tax dollars – you can read more: US Money Reserve | LinkedIn. The renovation of the site represents the company’s dominance of the world of precious metal exchange. There are new features added as well to show US Money Reserve’s commitment to excellent customer service.

The brand’s new image features former it’s current President, Philip N. Diehl. The coin gallery has also been rearranged. The Money Reserve’s new site is intended to help educate on the advantages of investing in gold and silver bullion issued by the government. Read more:  US Money Reserve | CrunchBase

Client-Connect Advantage, a new feature added, the company contact its customers for personal consultations and safe transactions conducted offline. Moey Reserve even promises to allow any unsatisfied customer a full refund if they return their precious metal in 30 days. Thanks to improvements such as Gold Standard IRA, U.S Money starts its new era in strong standing.

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Qnet is Breaking the Mold for Asian Companies

Direct marketing seller Qnet is considered one of the best companies in Asia. This organization has been around for a short time but they continuously expand their customer base each year. People recognize a high quality company when they encounter one and Qnet fits the bill. This organization helps communities, gives to charities and even provides emergency relief funds to people in need.

When Qnet was first founded, its creators had a vision. This vision was to market and promote a better lifestyle through wellness and health. This company followed that vision early on and it has served them well to this day. Co-founders Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark are from Hong Kong and Qnet is a part of the QI Group of Companies.

The company goes out of its way to help those in need. People experience all sorts of problems and they often do not have an advocate or someone to assist them. Qnet often steps in to help people with the problems that they face. Qnet helps to support the Rashid Centre’s program since it benefits special needs children. The company also helps other members of society as well.

Qnet has a market reach all over Asia and in other nations. Their products are made from natural vegetable ingredients. These ingredients are consistent with Qnet’s philosophy about health and wellness and it promotes their values as well. Qnet knows that heart disease and diabetes is a big problem for many people. So, they also sell products that help to alleviate these problems as well. Qnet is dedicated to consumers and their overall wellness. This is one reason why Qnet is ranked as a top rated Asian company.

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Party Planner Tells All

While visiting in Houston, Texas, DeJuan Stroud will be sure to bring a little color to your day with his inspiring floral arrangements. Stroud has exquisite clients to boot, including the likes of Michael Bloomberg, Donald Trump and Jon Bon Jovi. Stroud’s accomplishment’s do not stop there, he has just released the much talked about book, “Designing Life’s Celebrations.”

While DeJuan Stroud hails from Alabama, New York has become a home away from home for him. Stroud’s priceless tips for a party going off without a hitch include, an enticing setting and leaving your guests awed and amazed. Comfort is also key, Stroud shares, so your guests can relax at the party.

Stroud shares his enthusiasm in working with legendary greats from Aretha Franklin, to Donald Trump. Stroud points out how mesmerized he was by Aretha Franklin and her powerful voice, sharing that she was seeming signing to him.

When in New York and seeking to have an event of your own, consider Twenty Three Layers. Twenty Three Layers is a premier event planning and design company based in New York City. Not only does this design firm provide exquisite service which includes a unique personal touch, but Twenty Three Layers embody all of the coveted techniques that DeJuan Stroud endorses.

Twenty Three Layers was founded by Jessica Boskoff who has more than ten years’ experience in event planning. Boskoff is backed by Sarah Freedman, who has an impressive six years’ experience in the industry. Jessica and Sarah pair style with elegance to keep things fresh at Twenty Thee Layers. Clients for Sarah and Jessica include, Spotify, Donna Karen New York, Tequila Patron and other renowned companies. Furthermore, Twenty Three Layers have a proven track record. Fresh inspiration and Stroud’s proven tips wrapped into one gives Twenty Three Layers the perfect concoction of success for your next event.

Learn more about Twenty Three Layers:

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Venezuela on the Brink

As reported by CBC News in a recent article, Venezuela is in the middle of an energy crisis that threatens the overall stability of the country unlike any other recent phenomenon. At the root of the energy crisis in Venezuela is a massive drought, which has decimated the country’s water supply to dangerously low levels. Venezuela depends on powering up most of the country through the resources on one massive dam, the Guri reservoir. Because the country has been experiencing a drought like it has never seen before, the water levels simply cannot support the country’s energy needs right now.
In response to the water and power shortage in Venezuela, the government has been taking drastic measures over recent months to ration energy usage throughout the country. This has included reducing the official work week in Venezuela to two days in an effort to conserve water and power. Venezuelan citizens like David Osio who work in the public sector have been hit hardest by these rationing measures and are suffering economically while the government of Venezuela continues to cut back.

David thinks that these measures have also lead to food and essential resource shortages. In response, crime rates have skyrocketed. The country is also dealing with massive hyperinflation with rates expected to reach 720 percent sometime soon this year. It is unknown whether the Venezuelan currency can recover from this massive blow and whether the country will be able to survive.